‘Hustler’ Paterson returning to airwaves months after suffering terrifying spinal cord injury

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He was allowed only one visitor because of the COVID-19 protocols at the hospital, so his brother Duncan would drop by, visit, maybe bring a chicken sandwich to give Hustler a break from the hospital food.

“He was the rock of the operation,” Paterson said. “He was the only person that could visit me.

“He had to move me (from my apartment) while I was in there because they weren’t going to let me out to go back to a place where I had 16 stairs and I couldn’t get up the stairs.”

Those 48 days in hospital were not easy. Severe internal problems related to the spinal injury compounded his pain and slowed his recovery.

But, as anyone who listens to Hustler, the radio personality, knows, Paterson is a positive person who doesn’t let too many things get him down.

“I’m a pretty happy guy,” he said. “Even when things are bad, I’m pretty relaxed about it. I don’t really have a lot of things to worry about. I’m just happy and I don’t have a lot of stresses.

“Let’s put it this way: The team is down 3-1 in the third period, I’ll be thinking about ways they can come back and get back in it, not saying, ‘This is over.’ That’s just the way that I think.”

Paterson doing his physiotherapy on the Kinitron machine at Health Sciences Centre. Photo by Handout /Winnipeg Sun

As such, he had a good attitude about his rehab and remained focused on the goal of walking out of that hospital on his own.

“I was just thinking ‘What can I do to just get better?’” he said. “I realized this was all for my own good and I realized the more I was focused on physio and recovery, the sooner things would get better. There was nothing I could do about what happened in the past, I could only move forward. That helped put me in a pretty good mindset.”

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