FRIESEN: ‘You start worrying about the long-term’: Bombers’ Walters

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Even if they’re signed for next year.

Walters and O’Shea, for instance, signed contract extensions after winning the Grey Cup.

“This is what you’ve signed on for for 2021, which is not gonna work,” Walters said. “Because the cap’s been cut.”

Teams can reduce the number of people working under that cap, or simply cut everybody’s salary by 20 percent, or a combination of both.

From players who aren’t getting paid to coaches who face an uncertain future to equipment managers and athletic therapists on temporary layoff to the people selling tickets and servicing corporate clients, it’s been one depressing month after another.

And it’s quite the crash from the high of ending the city’s 28-year championship drought, some 10 months ago.

About the only sign of business at the stadium in South Winnipeg these days is a steady stream of loyal customers to the Bomber Store. Seems the Cup celebration continues for some.

Walters’ playing career included a Grey Cup championship with Hamilton in 1999, and he added a diamond-studded bookend to that as the 17th GM of the Bombers.

In between those highs, there have been excruciating lows.

And now this.

Not that Walters wants anybody feeling sorry for him.

“Everybody’s going through it,” he said.

GM’s in a holding pattern

Like an old VCR that won’t run, a CFL general manager’s job these days is stuck on pause.

When it does start operating again, nobody’s sure what the picture will look like.

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