FRIESEN: Some good ideas, and some lousy ones, for the CFL

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That’s a good-sized slice of every team’s pie, but it’s not enough to operate, as we’ve found out.

For the Bombers in 2019, league revenue accounted for around $4.4 million, or 12 percent of their overall revenue.

Ticket/luxury-suite sales, game-day revenue and corporate sponsorships produced a far bigger number, nearly $30 million, a whopping 82 percent of Winnipeg’s revenue.

Is it time to share some of that with Toronto, Montreal and B.C., all of whom have wealthy, private owners?

I can hear Miller’s blood boiling already.

B.C. Lions quarterback Mike Reilly earns in excess of $700,000 — far more than some players. BEN NELMS/THE CANADIAN PRESS FILES

Tighter caps on player salaries
This one’s coming. It’s only a matter of how much of a fight ensues between the league and the players.
With a salary cap of around $5.7 million per team, no one player should earn $700,000-plus, as quarterback Mike Reilly does in B.C.

The league may have to cap salaries by position.
Bighill said players’ wallets shouldn’t be the first place to take a hit, and theoretically he’s probably right. Coaches, GM’s, team presidents, scouting departments – there may have to be caps on them all.

But the players will bear the brunt. They always do.

If everybody doesn’t work together on this, there won’t be a league to play in.

Now for the ideas that shouldn’t be on the table.

Blue Bombers receiver Nic Demski celebrates his touchdown catch against the B.C. Lions back in August 2019. Demski, bornin Winnipeg, is among the many CFLers who benefit from the CFL’s Canadian ratio requirements. KEVIN KING/WINNIPEG SUN FILES

No Canadian ratio
A generic squad of all Americans with no requirement for a minimum number of Canadians might make for perfectly fine football.

But it’d give Canadians one less reason to care.

Without a ratio there wouldn’t be an Andrew Harris, a Nic Demski, a Thomas Miles or a Brady Oliveira, four Winnipeg products with sparkling, new Grey Cup rings today.

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