FRIESEN: NFL’s Cards like Streveler already

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Where some saw Streveler as a multi-position player in the NFL, not quite strong enough in the passing department to run an offence, full-time, his work ethic is obviously paying off.

He’s now a play away from starting in the NFL.

Quarterback Chris Streveler (right) of the Arizona Cardinals greets Brett Hundley during a NFL team training camp at State Farm Stadium on Sept. 2 in Glendale, Ariz. Photo by Christian Petersen /Getty Images

“He plays quarterback,” Kingsbury said. “It’s not one of those deals where he’s a slash guy. He’s a real quarterback and has done a really nice job. For now Strev gives us a dynamic there, with his special teams ability as well.”

Special teams ability?

That’s right, Streveler was in on a punt coverage play as well as a quarterback sneak in Arizona’s season opening win over San Francisco, Sunday.

The news of his climb up the depth chart is sure to spark another flood of text messages from old Winnipeg teammates.

Like the support he received after being called into Kingsbury’s office and being told he made the opening-day roster.

It’s almost as if he’s representing the CFL, which has gone dark during the pandemic.

“I’ve heard a lot from them and it honestly means the world to me,” he said. “Leaving Winnipeg was tough for me, just because of the relationships I had built with teammates and coaches and even fans up there.

“It’s been really cool and I really appreciate it.”

At the same time, he sympathizes with ex-teammates who don’t have a league to play in. He’s living out a dream, many of them are looking for work.

Former Blue Bombers quarterback Chris Streveler celebrates during the Grey Cup parade on Nov. 26, 2019. Photo by Kevin King /Winnipeg Sun

“I’ve talked to a bunch of those guys, and guys are figuring out what they’re going to do, finding little side hustles as they buy some time, waiting for hopefully next season to kick off,” Streveler said. “It’s a tough situation. They’re all showing love and support for me down here, but it’s tough for them not getting to play. I feel for them.”

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