Former Bombers quarterback Nichols looks at the bright side of cancelled CFL season

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After five seasons with the Bombers, during which he led the team to the playoffs four times and put up a 37-17 overall record, Nichols was cut loose last January, shortly after the team signed quarterback Zach Collaros to a two-year contract extension.

It was an unceremonious end to Nichols’ tenure with the Bombers, but he quickly signed a three-year contract with the Toronto Argonauts and was ready to move on.

There truly doesn’t seem to be any bitterness toward the Bombers, even though he lost his job due to an injury — he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury on Aug. 15 — and never got a chance to get it back.

“I have definitely, completely moved on,” Nichols said.

“It’s pretty clear that I’m one of those guys that just kind of sees the positives in everything. With all the things I’ve been through, this is just something else to me that you just have to deal with and not think too much about.

“I’m feeling the best I’ve ever felt, going into Year 12. Having this much time off to prepare and have my body back to 100% has been good. Looking at the bright side of it, I got to spend the whole summer with my kids and I’m getting to train young quarterbacks and pass along the knowledge while I have this extra free time.”

While spending time with his daughters, six-year-old Eliot, and two-year-old Parker, has been rewarding, you can tell Nichols is itching to get back on the field and prove that he can still be an effective quarterback in the CFL.

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