Feeling the heat: CFL QB’s want clarity on ’21 season

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Ambrosie seemed to pin all his hopes for a 2021 season on the availability of a COVID-19 vaccine.

He left plenty of room for doubt, and provided few specifics of how the CFL might be planning for different scenarios.

Players are starving to hear more.

“It’s tough when you’re told you’re just waiting around to see if the vaccine’s going to be made,” Collaros said. “The sooner we get some clarity the better for everybody involved. It’s been tough just waiting around and getting asked everywhere you go or (by) everybody you talk to, ‘Hey, any CFL news?’

“Just communication and clarity for us would be huge.”

Collaros was quick to say he doesn’t know the economics of the league as well as those making the decisions.

But all three quarterbacks know the economics of the players in it. They’re all feeling the lost season.

Like the rest of society, there’s also a mental price to be paid for the uncertainty.

“As athletes it’s extremely difficult,” Nichols said. “Two or three times since last summer it was like, ‘Alright, I’m training for a season that’s about to happen. OK, I’m not training for a season. OK, we’re going to do a bubble season.’ Just the ups and downs of trying to train and prepare yourself.”

Nichols says he’s a hope-for-the-best, prepare-for-the-worst type of guy.

“So if we play, awesome,” he said. “If we don’t, I’ll find some place to make sure that my family’s taken care of.”

He hopes to know that by the New Year.

Most quarterbacks, of course, are in better financial shape than players at other positions. That’s just the reality of football.

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