Bombers’ coach O’Shea says it’s time to put lost 2020 CFL season in the past and move forward

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Always the optimist, O’Shea is convinced the non-season of 2020 will not only be a one-time thing, but will quickly be forgotten.

“In the next 108 years of the Grey Cup being handed out, this will just be a blip that our grandkids get told of, with no lasting effects,” O’Shea said.

That said, O’Shea is working toward putting a team on the field for training camp next May — what else can he do?

“There’s the days where you wake up and you’re just so frustrated or disappointed that you’re not working with your players on the field,” O’Shea said. “That happens. It’s all just the real-life emotions of where we’re at.

“But, of course, you find things to do that are beneficial.”

O’Shea said Wednesday that he expects to retain his entire coaching staff — although he’s still waiting for information on how to proceed contractually — and the Bombers’ scouting staff remains on the lookout for talent.

How many of the players that were signed for 2020 will return for 2021 is unknown at this point, but O’Shea is hopeful that many of them will want to continue their careers.

“There hasn’t been a lot of communication since late summer, early fall,” O’Shea said. “The assistant coaches have kept in some contact.

“But the players understand how much we care about them and they also know the door is always open even if they are not physically in the building any more.

“Here and there, there are calls from certain guys as things come up, as people check in on one another. For the most part, they’re up on the situation and are maybe in the dark as the rest of us, just waiting for final answers.

“Like a lot of usual off-seasons, I don’t spend a lot of time trying to get in contact with the players on a weekly basis. They’ve got lives to lead and they need a break from that kind of constant guidance.”

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