AGAINST ALL ODDS: Part 8: Grey Cup drought finally over for Blue Bombers

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Special-teams ace and Francophone Shayne Gauthier, also fatigued from the virus, put it another way.

“Grey Cup week do miracles,” Gauthier said.

* * *

The intravenous fluids left Jeffcoat feeling much stronger, and the atmosphere inside the stadium did the rest.

“All the sights and sounds and music of a championship game — the excitement came, the tiredness left,” the defensive end said. “I felt like myself.”

Andrew Harris, on the other hand, felt like he’d never felt before.

The Winnipegger’s entire life, from a childhood that flirted with trouble to his escape to B.C. and CFL stardom to his prodigal-son return, four years earlier, had brought him to this.

What did a five-time CFL all-star, Most Outstanding Canadian Award winner and Grey Cup champ have left to prove, at 32?

That none of it had anything to do with performance-enhancing drugs.

A failed, mid-season test, despite Harris’s vehement claim it was an honest mistake from a tainted supplement, left some to wonder.

The league’s leading back three years running was now fueled by the doubters.

Harris’s teammates were always in his corner, though. And in the locker-room before the biggest game of their lives, he asked them to put it into words.

“Usually I never say anything like that,” Harris said, 12 months later. “I talk more just about the game. I went up there and literally just started screaming, ‘You got my back?’ I’m getting goosebumps here thinking about it right now.”

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