AGAINST ALL ODDS: Part 6: ‘The craziest game of my football career’

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The Bombers, 20-13 winners, were going to the Grey Cup.

But what if that last pass hadn’t hit the crossbar?

O’Shea is convinced it would have been knocked down, maybe even intercepted.

Alexander, who wasn’t far from the play, isn’t so sure, pointing to what had just happened to Sayles.

“That could have been an interception, a pass break-up – or it could have been a touchdown,” the safety said. “You just NEVER know. Everything that shouldn’t happen was happening at that time.”

One thing is indisputable: that finish was something else.

“The most nervewracking,” Collaros said. “It felt like it lasted for an hour.”

“That game felt like it was over three times before it was actually over,” is how Bighill put it.

Streveler called it insane. “Probably the longest couple minutes in football I’ve ever been part of.”

And Hardrick: “The craziest game of my football career. And it’s not even close.”

Players hugged each other and rushed the field, except for one: the quarterback who’d been jeered some three hours earlier.

Collaros was busy giving it back to the crowd.

A couple of buddies from the Riders quickly told him to relax. The cameras might be on him, after all.

“Luckily, they weren’t,” he said, laughing.

Revenge is sweet.

But the Tour still had one more stop.

‘Thank God for Gauthier’

In all the drama of the last couple of minutes – the goal-line stand, the overturned fumble, the near interception and the crossbar pass – one critical, fourth-quarter play in the West Final got overshadowed.

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