Against all odds: Part 3 of our series on the Blue Bombers’ Grey Cup run

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Watching from the sideline, Streveler wasn’t a big fan of what he was seeing.

“I see him throw it in play,” Streveler said. “And immediately as a quarterback you’re thinking, ‘That’s not really what you want to do, running backwards, off his back foot, 45 yards. I’m thinking, ‘Oh no, please don’t let this get picked.’”

Behind a crowd near the back of the end zone, the pass somehow landed in Darvin Adams’ hands, the receiver’s toes flirting with the sideline as he cradled the ball and fell out of bounds.

“I remember looking at someone and saying, ‘That was insane,’” Streveler said.

Neufeld was equally stunned.

“I’m just thinking, ‘Oh my god.’ That play is unbelievable.”

Safety Brandon Alexander initially thought Collaros was throwing the ball away, too.

Watching film the next day, he realized his quarterback had actually seen Adams in the end zone.

Collaros saw something else on film.

“That play stands out for the wrong reason,” the quarterback said. “I really could have just flipped out an easy touchdown for Drew (Wolitarsky). I stayed on the first read too long, and I panicked.

“Darvin, I guess with some experience with the scout team in Toronto, knew I liked to run around, and got open for me.”

Watching that game with interest from a restaurant in Toronto was Argonauts director of player personnel John Murphy.

Murphy had traded Collaros to Winnipeg, a deal that included a catch: if the Bombers happened to re-sign the soon-to-be free agent, they’d give the Argos their first-round draft pick.

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