Week 5 Conditioning Drill: Hit the Target

Location: Outdoor

Equipment: 3 toilet paper rolls, 1 (or more) footballs.

People: 1+

Targeted Skill: Throwing accuracy

Sport Rationale: As the Quarterback (QB) you must be able to make accurate throws.


  • Place 3 paper rolls on a flat surface with a minimum 2-foot gap in between
  • From a 3-meter distance, try to hit the 3 rolls with as little attempts as possible

Alterations: Add unique twists to the challenge such as: blindfolding yourself, using your non-dominant hand, etc.

Coaching Tips & Terms:

Touch: Inform the athletes they might have to use some “touch” to hit the target(s). In other words, athletes will need to assess the power and accuracy they are putting on each of their throws.

Locate Target with Eyes: Inform the QB that their eyes should be on the target they are throwing too. If the eyes of the QB are not looking at athletes straight ahead the pass might not be as accurate.

Trunk Torque (Rotation): Remind the athlete of the importance in the trunk toque. Trunk Torque will create power in the QBs throw. In this drill, extra power will be essential to have especially on so.

Share Your Results: Show us the toughest target you had to hit. Better yet, show us your favourite trick shot!

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