Week 4 Conditioning Drill: 5-Point Star

Location: Indoor or Outdoor

Equipment: 6 Cones (toilet paper rolls, shoes or alternative), 1 football

People: 1+

Targeted Skill: Ball handling and agility

Sport Rationale: In football, athletes must be able to change directions on the fly. Running backs must also protect the ball by switching arms to keep it away from defenders.


  • Set up cones as shown in the diagram below
  • Have the participant start in the middle holding the ball in his/her hands
  • On “GO” the participant will run around each cone, as they round the cone they must switch the ball to the opposite arm
  • After rounding the cone they must return to the middle and touch the center cone before proceeding to the next cone.

Modifications: This drill can be timed and used as a competition for multiple participants. To make it more challenging, label each cone with a number and have the parent call out a random number each time the participant gets back to the middle.

Coaching Tips & Terms:

Stay Low: Make sure the athlete is maintaining a good athletic position throughout the drill. This helps keep them explosive.

Open Hips: When players start to pivot out of their backpedal have them try and open their hips as wide as possible to help them get turned.

High and Tight: Have players grip the ball with their hand on the nose, their forearm on the side, and the ball squeezed into their chest

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