Week 2 Conditioning Drill: Flag Tag

Location: Outdoor

Equipment: Small Towel (or Toilet Paper), 1 football (optional), Cones or alternative (optional)

People: 2 +

Targeted skills: Change of directions, flag pull

Sport Rationale: In football, players must be able to flag a moving target as well as avoid getting flagged.


  • [1/2] Form a 5m by 5m square with cones (shoes can replace cones)
  • One person with 2 flags (Towel or 3 toilet paper squares) on their hips and a football in their hands is standing in the middle of the square
  • The other person has 30 seconds to try to pull the flags while the ball carrier must try to keep their flags on within the perimeter
  • [2/2] Within the same square, each participant puts flags on their hips.
  • On “Go” participants attempt to remove each others’ flags
  • Last participant with at least one flag remaining wins

Modifications: Bigger square for a greater challenge for defense. Change the length of time of the exercise.

Coaching Tips & Terms:

Eyes Focused on Target: Players eyes should be looking at the flag that they are trying to pull.

Burst: Tell athletes to focus on having a burst of speed to help avoid being flagged.

Dodge: Players should be moving not only forwards, but also laterally to avoid being flagged.

Coaching Tips: Make sure athletes are always moving and trying to dodge. Also make sure that when flagging, no incidental contact is happening.

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