Week 2 Conditioning Drill: Catch Challenge

Location: Indoor or Outdoor

Equipment: 1 football

People: 2+

Targeted skills: Catching

Sport Rationale: In football, players may have to make a catch from any angle.


  • In this drill, there is one QB and 1 receiver
  • The goal is to have the receiver complete a sequence of 6 catches
  • The receiver begins standing beside the QB
  • On “GO’ the receiver runs 4-6 yards forward and turns to face the QB
  • The QB will then throw the ball to the receiver and the receiver must attempt to make one the catches below
  • After every catch, the receiver must return to where he/she started
  • If the receiver drops or misses an attempt to catch the ball he/she must start from the beginning!

Catches: 1. High ball (overhead) 2. Low ball (below the knee) 3. One hand catch 4. Catch between the legs (right leg up) 5. Catch between the legs (left leg up) 6. Catch behind the back

Modifications: The receiver can make all catches one-handed.

Coaching Tips & Terms:

Watch Ball & Catch with Hands: Ball above the waist – thumbs in, Ball Below the waist- thumbs out. Make sure “Diamond” is being made with hands.

Catch with Fingers: Catch the ball with your fingers and eyes (watch it all the way in). If you hear a thud, this means the WR is letting the ball hit their palms; therefore, they are not using their fingers to catch the ball.

Eyes Focused on Ball: If the athlete uses their eyes to catch the ball along with their hands then they will have a higher chance of catching the ball because an athlete’s eyes will help with proper hand placement upon arrival of the ball.

Coaching Tips: Catch the ball with your hands and eyes (watch it all the way in). Ball above the waist – thumbs in. Ball Below the waist – thumbs out.

Share Your Results: We want to see the most creative/challenging catch you made.

Don’t forget to tag @CFL and use the hashtag #CFLConditioningCamp !

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