The Champ Is Here: Doug Flutie wins WWE 24/7 title

Doug Flutie isn’t short on accomplishments for his career, including a Heisman Trophy, three Grey Cup championships, three Grey Cup MVPs, six CFL All-Star nominations and six Most Outstanding Player awards.

On Saturday, the Canadian Football Hall-of-Famer was able to add another accomplishment to his mantle, as the Flutie became the WWE’s 24/7 Champion.

At a Celebrity Flag Football Game in Clearwater, Florida, Flutie was playing alongside some notable WWE superstars, including The Miz, Cesaro, Titus O’Neil — who played defensive end at the University of Florida — and WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth.

While the superstars were addressing the crowd during halftime of the game, a WWE referee appeared and the veteran pivot rolled up Truth for the three-count.

The interaction likely made the game a little more awkward, as the pair were teammates for this particular game.

Unfortunately for Flutie, his reign was short-lived, as R-Truth — while looking to do his best waggle impression — rolled up the legendary pivot to reclaim the gold.

Flutie was the 135th individual to hold the gold since its inception in May 2019.

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