Wolitarsky Releases First Single

In one week, on December 23rd, I am releasing my first song to all streaming platforms. The song is called “Every Body”.

This feels surreal because one year ago I was coming off the high of my life, returning to California a Grey Cup champion.

From there I traveled, wrote music, and began my training. I was prepping to do it all over again.

But what happened next, we all know: global pandemic, global panic, global separation.

And we’ve all felt this in one area or another, because whilst we are in this together, it feels quite the contrary; it feels like we are alone.

This idea inspired me.

I was sitting in my room, plucking some chords on the guitar, and a few lines came to me: “Step outside, the world’s on fire; bake a cake. Snowing outside, world’s on ice; learn to skate.”

These are playful lyrics, of course, but I think they say something about our collective humanity. They represent our ability to adapt to the worst of circumstances, to create joy and spread messages of love and connection by means we never had to explore prior.

We have this extraordinary gift of shifting perspective and finding the most meaningful things in dire times.

And we’ve been tested to do this over the course of the year, for this has been a trying time. But I am amazed by the love I have seen from those around me. I have tried to encapsulate that same goodness in this song, to speak a message on both the severity of our current climate and the goodness that resides at the core of most.

The title “Every Body” is split into two words; this is to represent our individual attachment to the body of humanity, our small role that influences the roles of those around us, and those around them.

We are connected, be it by plague or law or love. There is no body without everybody.

I hope this song reminds us of our collective strength, our togetherness, and our own individual consciousness to make decisions that serve the entirety of our humanity.

I look forward to sharing this song with you all, and I hope to hear your cheering yells very soon.

Drew William Wolitarsky

You can pre-save Drew’s song on Spotify here by following the link.

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