June Winner of the Coors Light Season Ticket Member Spotlight

Coors Light Season Ticket Member Spotlight - June Winner

Brent Waruk


The 2019 Grey Cup was pretty awesome, but my favourite time as a Blue Bomber fan was the game the week before the Grey Cup. I was at the Western Final in Regina, and that Blue Bomber win there was one of the happiest proudest moments as a Blue Bomber fan. Being there, in person, was absolutely the best.

Andrew Harris

Wearing my Jersey all day at work. Then Getting to the stadium early, my wife and I getting our favourite food, and getting to our seats early. It gives us a chance to catch up with our season ticket holder friends that sit around us.

I’m a HUGE blue bomber fan, and supporter. I’m such a fan, the people I work with have turned into fans. My office has blue bomber posters, flags, bobble heads, helmet, and photos of my blue bomber moments. People just expect to see my support for the Blue.
I love the blue bombers.


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